April 2018

Charity begins at home ….

We try whenever possible to donate money to local charities.  This can be small prizes or monetary donations however at least once a year we donate an MOT to a local charity to assist in fundraising.

In the past the garage has also provided  donation of fuel to our valuable Bishops Castle First Responders vehicle to ensure it is mobile and able to assist in local emergencies.

Pictured here is Karen Bavastock (Site Manager of Union Street Garage) presenting a cheque to representatives of the local First Responders Mary Pullen and Dawn Bush.  Karen was then Chairman of Longmynd Vintage Vehicle Club and the business supported and sponsored some of the fundraising activities which resulted in this cheque presentation to this very worthwhile local cause.  Also pictured are representatives from the Longmynd Vintage Vehicle Club Jackie Llewellyn along with Maggie and Jodie Griffiths.



May 2017

We are currently very busy with MOT’s so would ask that you book early.  Please check the earliest date you can have your vehicle tested which is a month before the test is actually due …

Reminder – if you are travelling abroad with your vehicle make sure the test doesn’t expire whilst you are away..  This has caught out a few of our customers this year!!!



A cold start to 2015 but a very busy month for MOT’s.  We are lucky to have some very understanding customers …


2014 news

We have now upgraded our MOT equipment.  A hectic few days installing the equipment but a great job done by EuroTec Equipment – thanks to Dean and Maria Hewitt for all their help.

Our new lift!!!!!

Our new lift!!!!!

Let the flat pack puzzle commence!!!

Let the flat pack puzzle commence!!!


All that is left of the flat pack!!!

All that is left of the flat pack!!!



March News

Union Street Garage is also issuing details on invoices so that they can be paid via bank transfer.  We have tried to resist doing this but are happy to report that so far so good and it is making life in the office much easier (Note from Karen – most of the time)!!!  People will have sensed the frustration last week when the accounts package ‘got corrupted’ although the computer has remained intact and thanks to the SAGE support we are now up and running again!!!

We are asked if we can accept credit cards and realise that a number of people do not know that we have taken credit card payments for many years so we are adding to our website logo’s to make it obvious that this is the case.

images (4)  This is one option

images (2)

and this is the favoured option at the moment!!!

We are very busy at present – it seems the potholes are striking back and we have had a number of poorly vehicles with suspension problems.  With the floods has bought problems with brakes also.  We are doing our very best to keep people on the road and mobile and very much appreciate our very understanding customers.

February News

10th February

Well didn’t the snow come down.  I looked out from my office window one minute and it was dark …. the next minute there were very large flakes of snow.  Hope all our customers stay safe ….

IMG_1955 IMG_1956

New product

We now stock cans of 44K which is for use in diesel vehicles.  It is to be introduced into a tank of fuel and clans “hard baked” carbon deposits from the combustion chamber, fuel injectors and intake valves.  It also cleans the catalytic convertor and oxygen sensor, components vital to a healthy engine.

If it doesn’t work our rep from Powerflow has offered a money back guarantee.

January News …

The garage has been having a bit of an overhaul.  We decided to try and update our sign post as the old one had been battered with the winds and was looking very sad.

We worked with local firm Promo Printing and after many visits and much patience from Hugh at Promo Printing we were able to get the sign renovated.

IMG_1274The old sign (this is the best side)


In addition we have also had a lovely sign printed which is displayed on the front of the office. It does hide a multitude of sins as the metal signs it has replaced have made

IMG_1267The old office

IMG_1278The new sign – just waiting for a dry day and some paint

Next job … office to be painted … but we need to wait for the sunshine … answers on a postcard as to when that might be folks!!!

Karen and Steve would like to thank local company Promo Printing for going the extra mile to help them refurbish the signs.  Their efforts were very much appreciated”

We also have a facebook page and endeavour to give up to date information using this page.